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The ATL Airport District is the sweet spot between Downtown Atlanta and the world’s most traveled airport. Come and experience the easy, quirky, laid-back side of the A, where the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind—and the hotels cost 30% less.

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Ways to Celebrate Black History Month In and Around the District

As a destination distinctly defined by its diversity, the ATL Airport District is the proud home to dozens of Black-owned businesses, from upbeat brunch locales and Southern…

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What's in Store for 2024: Unique Sporting Events in the District

With professional baseball, football, soccer, and basketball teams that fans love, Atlanta is a true sports town. Here in the ATL Airport District, basketball fans go wild for…

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Twelve Days of Holidays in the District

It's officially the happiest time of year and we’re thrilled to share the many ways you can max out your merriment here on the Southside of Atlanta! Consider…

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Dine Al Fresco All Year Long: Your Guide to Heated Patios in the District

Don't let the colder months put a freeze on your fun - patio season doesn't have to end when the temperatures start to drop. The District features several fantastic…

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Eight Family-Owned Restaurants to Discover in the ATL Airport District

Several family-owned and operated restaurants offer locals and visitors a taste of their own version of home in the ATL Airport District. From a British-style pub with a Southern…

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