Get Out

There’s a whole world just outside your hotel.

Here in the ATL Airport District, we’ve got all that sweet outdoor space that the dense inner-city hotspots can only dream about. Mountain biking trails, swimming pools, golf courses and more—so close, you can smell the cut grass.

Let’s check out the highlight reel:

  • Hapeville Skate Park, where you can shred to your heart’s content 
  • Ride & Fly MTB Trails at Sykes Park, featuring a pump track and 60 acres of purpose-built development trails ranging from beginner trails to advanced rock gardens and everything in between. Also great for a brisk hike. 
  • College Park Pool and Rock Wall, where kids ages 0–100 can swim and climb and have a great time 
  • Connally Nature Park, 27 acres in East Point that feature 300-year-old great white oaks and rare pink lady slippers that bloom in late April or early May

Find the perfect park, playground, court, course, trail or track below.