The best time of year to visit the District? Now!

With an average of 217 days of sunshine each year, the ATL Airport District truly has no off-season.

Winters in the District are short and mild, beginning in earnest in January with an average high of 52º and the slight chance of light snow through early March. Springtime is crisp and colorful, with our flowering trees and shrubs putting on a show that deserves a standing ovation. Summer is by far our longest season, stretching from late May well into October, with average highs (and peak pool days) occurring in July. And our autumns are breezy, inviting and gorgeous, thanks to brilliant fall foliage and daytime temps in the 60s.

  • January 52°F 33°F
  • February 57°F 37°F
  • March 65°F 44°F
  • April 73°F 50°F
  • May 80°F 59°F
  • June 87°F 67°F
  • July 89°F 71°F
  • August 88°F 70°F
  • September 82°F 64°F
  • October 73°F 53°F
  • November 63°F 44°F
  • December 55°F 36°F