Eat & Drink

Calories don’t count when you’re traveling.

Whether you’re hankerin’ for Southern-fried everything or world-class haute cuisine, top-shelf bourbon cocktails or a cold local craft beer, a night to remember or a dive to forget—it all starts here in the ATL Airport District. Dinner and drinks? Dinner and dessert? Dinner and dancing? Dinner and a show? Why choose? 

Just around the corner from the famously chic eats of Atlanta, the District moves the gastro-party southward with hidden-gem options that run the gamut from tried-and-true home-cookin’ to modern culinary adventures. Many of our family-owned restaurants have stood the test of time, and there’s nowhere in the world with a claim to more authentic comfort food.

Mind you, the South is no one trick pony when it comes to great eats. Sure, we’ll admit we’ve yet to meet a dish that couldn’t be battered ‘n deep-fried to golden-brown perfection, but real Southern cooking extends well beyond the fry basket and is about as broad and complex as any regional or national cuisine. And while the ATL Airport District invites you to taste our whole range of Southern fare, from gourmet selections and modern twists on centuries-old recipes to traditional Southern comfort food served in a down-home setting, that’s far from being the only thing on the menu. You can also find creative vegan, gluten-free, American classic and international options for every taste. 

Take a tour of Hapeville’s downtown strip and the Virginia Avenue corridor that runs from Hapeville to College Park. These two mural-dotted walkable areas give you the option of enjoying locally brewed craft beer in a brewery, pub, bottle shop or sports bar setting, and you can sample Mexican, Irish, Thai, Cuban, Caribbean, Greek and Mediterranean, pizza, poké, vegan, barbecue, coffee, sandwiches, seafood, fresh-baked treats and much more, all packed into less than a mile. Browse Hapeville restaurants.

It’s a similar story in downtown College Park. Take a walk around the block and you’ll encounter cuisine from around the world—China, Jamaica, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, West Africa, New Orleans, Texas, and beyond. As you stroll historic streets, you can stop off for a coffee, a drink, a smoothie or a meal to remember. Browse College Park restaurants.

Nearby the District you'll find a handful of hotspots favored by locals, and at Camp Creek Marketplace, well-known nationwide menus sit side-by-side with local treasures. Perfect for dining in or picking up, Camp Creek lets you feel at home with several familiar favorites to choose from, or you can kick the adventure up a notch by sampling some local color. 

If you’ve got a crowd to please, we recommend splitting up to let everyone pick up lunch from the restaurant of their choice, then meeting again at one of the charming nearby parks—an option that offers the advantage of outdoor dining in a beautiful wooded setting (which honestly can’t be beat, especially in the fall!), and saves you the agony of figuring out how to split the check on a full tummy. 

Should your appetite take you on the road, you can’t go wrong with a scenic drive down to the fresh air and wide-open spaces of Union City—particularly The Historic Green Manor, with its delicious Southern-style buffet. Is it a little bit haunted? Maybe, maybe not, but the food is to die for. Browse Union City restaurants.

Wherever your cravings may lead you, there’s always something to savor around here. Download our dining guide for a few quick recommendations in each part of town or use our comprehensive restaurant listings to pinpoint what you’re hungry for by location, cuisine and more.

Take advantage of the spectacular options right in the neighborhood and venture up to Atlanta proper to check out some of the trendy stuff you’ve been hearing about. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.