ATL SkyTrain

Elevate your visit with our elevated train.

From the domestic Baggage Claim area of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, at any time of the day or night, you can hop on a train bound for the Gateway Center and the Rental Car Center (RCC)—absolutely free of charge.

The ATL SkyTrain arrives every two and a half minutes* and takes passengers on a scenic five-minute ride over the I-85 Interstate. You don’t need a ticket or a pass to ride, and it’s not just for air travelers or convention center attendees. Everyone is welcome to hop on and off the SkyTrain and ride to wherever they need to be, no questions asked.

The train to the Rental Car Center

When arriving at the airport, use the ATL SkyTrain to travel to the Rental Car Center quickly and easily - no passes to manage, no credits to buy, no maps or schedules to read. (With only three stops on the loop, it’s hard to get lost.) At the end of your trip, drop off your car and roll your bags right back onto the SkyTrain to the airport. Easy!

The train to the train

Travelers near Gateway Center who wish to board MARTA can use the SkyTrain to travel to the airport MARTA station free of charge. The airport MARTA station is right next to the ATL SkyTrain station in the west baggage terminal, so once you reach the airport, the transition couldn’t be easier.

Not to be confused with the other train, or the other other train

For an airport, Hartsfield sure has a lot of trains in it. The ATL SkyTrain is one of three trains you can board at the airport, so it’s easy to get confused. There’s MARTA, of course (and as a matter of fact, you can grab both the Red and Gold MARTA lines from the airport, so we probably should’ve counted it as two trains). 

But the train that is most often mixed up with the ATL SkyTrain is the Plane Train. The Plane Train doesn’t leave the airport at all—it’s the world’s most heavily traveled people-mover, barreling through tunnels to transport passengers between ATL’s terminals and concourses in minutes. When it comes to saving time—and saving wear and tear on your legs—it is de-as-in-David-lightful. (Ha! Plane Train joke. You see, the announcement on the train doesn’t say, “Concourse D, as in Delta,” because Delta is on Concourses A and B, so that would be C-as-in-confusing.)

The SMARTA way to get to Gateway Center Arena events

Want to attend a basketball game or other Arena event without driving or parking hassles? Hop on MARTA from anywhere, ride on down to the airport station, and switch to the adjacent ATL SkyTrain. It’s free, it’s quick, and it drops you right where you need to be. The ATL SkyTrain never stops, but check the MARTA hours before you go, because those trains take a break in the wee hours.

The gold standard for events

Meeting and event attendees at the GICC have unprecedented access to the world’s most efficient airport, the state’s second-largest convention center and the ATL airport’s state-of-the-art Rental Car Center. Transportation between these sites is free, speedy and uncomplicated, eliminating a major frustration point and trimming travel costs—simply step onto the ATL SkyTrain instead summoning a ride or waiting for a shuttle. With 12 partnered-up cars carrying over 100 passengers per pair, the SkyTrain handles event rushes like a champ.

The Gateway Center stop includes the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC), Gateway Center Arena, several Gateway Center hotels, and the ATL West parking garage. No other city in the world offers a free round-the-clock ride to all of these destinations as quickly, easily or conveniently as in Atlanta, thanks to the ATL SkyTrain.

Stuck overnight? Not a problem

Airline passengers whose flights are delayed will find the ATL SkyTrain’s all-hours access makes the Gateway Center’s hotels (Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway, Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway, AC Hotel Atlanta Gateway, and SpringHill Suites Atlanta Airport Gateway) the simplest choice for an unplanned overnight stay. Skip the complicated ground travel arrangements and rest easy knowing that when it’s time to head back for your rescheduled flight, the airport is just moments away.

*trains may run every 10 minutes at night