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The ATL Airport District is the sweet spot between Downtown Atlanta and the world’s busiest airport. Come and experience the easy, quirky, laid-back side of the A, where the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind—and the hotels cost 30% less.

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Marcia Prewitt Spiller, VP of Academy and Student Life, Woodward Academy

Woodward Academy is an educational pillar of the ATL Airport District community, dedicated to not only its students, but to the residents and…

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Banging BBQ in the District

The District is home to some of the best BBQ spots in the Atlanta area. While there are many to choose from, we have chosen six that will exceed all…

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Best Brews in the District

The Atlanta Airport District has some of the BEST restaurants in the Atlanta area -- but what about when you’re in need of a cool, refreshing drink…

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Arts in the District

With an abundant amount of murals, galleries and museums, each of ATL Airport District’s cities has its own unique history to discover! Interested in learning more about the…

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Ladies in Leadership: Christy Deen of Drip-Thru Coffee in College Park

In 2016, Christy Deen opened Drip Thru Coffee in Stockbridge, Georgia bringing her dream of owning a coffee shop to life and serving a variety of hand-crafted beverages and…

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