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The ATL Airport District is the sweet spot between Downtown Atlanta and the world’s most traveled airport. Come and experience the easy, quirky, laid-back side of the A, where the atmosphere is one-of-a-kind—and the hotels cost 30% less.

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A First Timer's Guide to Spin the District

Spin the District, the ATL Airport District's annual cycling race series is just around the corner, and with it comes some of the world's top cyclists racing…

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Best Brews in the District

When thirst strikes and only a beer will quench it, the ATL Airport District has plenty of options for satisfying a hoppy craving. Whether you're a District local, visiting the…

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Family-Friendly Restaurants in the ATL Airport District

A kid's menu is a tell-tale sign of a family-friendly restaurant. While you're exploring things to do in the District as a family, there are plenty of eateries…

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Ladies in Leadership: Samantha Singleton of the Hapeville Depot Museum

Samantha Singleton, museum manager of the Hapeville Depot Museum, is shaking things up at the long-standing gem of downtown Hapeville. Since joining the City of Hapeville team…

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Taliah Waajid: World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show

In th e vibrant streets of Harlem, New York, a transformative force emerged from the crucible of passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Taliah Waajid, a luminary hailing…

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