About the ATL Airport District

There’s No Place Quite Like It

Sandwiched between Atlanta’s booming downtown and its bustling airport, the ATL Airport District is a charming cluster of cities delivering world-class service with an easy, quirky, authentic vibe.

Despite its relaxed, slower-paced attitude, this offbeat Southern idyll is making moves to raise the bar on Atlanta’s celebrated convenience. Like Atlanta, it’s seated at the convergence of multiple interstate highways and one of the world’s busiest airports—but here, that airport is directly connected to the District’s convention center, the second-largest in Georgia. To make it easy for group travelers and meeting planners to take advantage of everything the area has to offer, the District even furnishes its own dedicated, alternative CVB to help nail every detail. With planning power like that in your corner, you can afford to be a little laid-back.

Everything in One Place

Offering more than 7,000 hotel rooms, complimentary shuttles, and a speedy rail line aimed directly at the heart of Atlanta’s attractions and amenities, the District dazzles visitors with a trip to write home about. Most District experiences begin with Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the modern miracle that links Atlanta to over 150 U.S. cities and over 60 international destinations. Engineered to orchestrate simplicity for hundreds of thousands of daily passengers, the airport is easily the fastest-moving thing on the Southside. 

There, travelers can step onto the ATL SkyTrain—24/7, free of charge—and disembark minutes later at the Rental Car Center or adjacent Gateway Center. Some of the District’s many award-winning hotels sit directly on the campus, making this one of the most convenient destinations in the world. 

Make yourself at home

A comfortable (but easily traversable) distance from the hustle and traffic of downtown Atlanta, the District’s tranquil, wooded cities offer effortless transit between downtown areas and strips, lined with walkable restaurants, shops, breweries, green spaces, and bucketloads of history. These days, visitors can also recognize iconic locations from the many movies and TV filmed here in Y’allywood.

Let’s get together

There’s no shortage of hip, unique meeting and event venues in the District. The Porsche Experience Center boasts ultra-modern conference and boardroom spaces overlooking the track and luxury sports cars. Events soar to new heights in the Delta Flight Museum’s artfully renovated 1940s airplane hangars. Large and small spaces, from rooftops to ballrooms to warehouses, are hidden throughout the District, all just a short MARTA ride from Atlanta’s premiere downtown restaurants, championship sports teams, and popular tourist destinations. 

Location is everything, and the District’s up-and-coming down-home flavor offers a blend of Southern hospitality and modern, work-focused energy that can only be found here, at the intersection of industry, technology, and history.