Nearby Restaurants

From grits to quinoa.

When you’re hungry in Atlanta, there’s no better place to fill up than the ATL Airport District. 

One of Atlanta’s best-kept secrets is how many amazing dining options are located on the Southside. Adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and just down the road from downtown Atlanta, you’ll find a treasure trove of honest, excellent fare, some in wildly walkable downtowns and thoroughfares, others hidden in out-of-the-way strips. We’ve got everything from casual American classics (pizza, BBQ, wings, sports pubs, and more) to international cuisine (Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean, Jamaican, West African, Caribbean, and so forth), and all the little treats your heart desires (coffee, juice, smoothies, cupcakes and fresh baked goods—the list goes on), all right here in our Southside bubble.

With so many incredible choices, you’d need a pretty sophisticated tool to find what you’re in the mood for without getting overwhelmed. So, You’ve come to the right place! Map, sort and filter below to drill down to an exact match for whatever you’re craving.