Hapeville Attractions

Explore two of the reasons Hapeville is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Both beautiful and quaint, the Hapeville Christ Church & Carriage House recently renovated their well-preserved, antique facilities, and is now available for exhibits, trade shows, and conferences, as well as community and private events. The Hapeville Depot Museum serves as a nostalgic reminder of an older, slower form of transportation, an especially interesting juxtaposition as planes bound to and from the world’s busiest airport fly overhead. If you are looking for something at a different speed, be sure to check out the Porsche Experience Center. This fun, fast-paced venue offers a personalized, 90-minute track experience with over 75 of the latest models to choose from… And for budding Porsche drivers of all ages, the on-site Simulator Lab provides the visual thrill of sports car racing at some of the world’s greatest tracks.