A kid's menu is a tell-tale sign of a family-friendly restaurant. While you're exploring things to do in the District as a family, there are plenty of eateries that ensure a memorable meal for the youngest diners in your group. We've curated a list of local spots where the kid's menu goes beyond mere sustenance, promising a delightful dining adventure for all. So, grab a high chair and let's dive in!

Brake PadExterior shot of Brake Pad in College Park.

Brake Pad has everything families need for a great meal. Its inviting patio and relaxed vibe are complemented by an impressive food and drink selection, including kid-approved classics like the iconic Kraft Mac N Cheese.

The Breakfast Boys

The popular College Park brunchery has plenty of kid-friendly options on the regular menu (hello, pancakes!), but The Breakfast Boys goes a step further in the "kids corner" with a kid-sized sweet potato waffle, a french toast and chicken sausage combo, and classic egg, bacon, and toast breakfast.

Buttermilk Biscuit

Specializing in breakfast and lunch with a creative twist, Buttermilk Biscuit ensures that both refined palates and young diners find joy in their meal choices, guaranteeing a table of satisfied customers.

Chick-fil-A Hapeville Dwarf House

Home of the original Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, the Hapeville Dwarf House offers all of the familiar drive-thru favorites and then some. The diner side of the restaurant includes full table service and additional menu items, such as the Dwarf Burger. Kids will love entering through the signature red "dwarf" door and indulging in dessert options unique to Dwarf Houses - how about a fried pie a la mode or ice-box chocolate pie?

Hapeville Corner Tavern

With a spacious patio and outdoor game area, Hapeville's Corner Tavern stands out as a family haven. The kid's menu includes the usual suspects with a healthy twist, featuring a veggie platter and hummus paired with pita and carrot sticks.

Lickety Split Southern Kitchen & Bar

Lickety Split’s expansive kids' menu caters to the under-10 crowd with choices galore. From chicken tenders to fried catfish 'nips,' every dish is designed to bring smiles to young faces.

Party of 5 by MetroWest

At Party of 5 by MetroWest, a new boutique dining kitchen in College Park, the menu caters to all ages. While kids revel in their favorites, adults get to explore sophisticated dishes, including fried whole red snapper and grilled lamb chops.

Pit Boss BBQ

Pit Boss brings the allure of Southern BBQ to diners of all ages. The "lil boss menu" delights with budget-friendly, mouthwatering selections, including a grilled cheese sandwich, chicken tenders, and a kid-sized pulled pork sandwich.

Willy's Mexicana Grill

Atlanta-based Willy's Mexicana Grill gives children agency over their meals with its build-your-own approach to burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, accompanied by tortilla chips, a drink, and a cookie. The perfect meal for diners 12 and under.

Your Pie

Pizza is a universal family-safe option, but Hapeville's Your Pie truly has something for everyone, offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and keto-friendly options. The kid's meal consists of a 7" lil' pie, a small drink, and one scoop of gelato - yum!

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