Earlier last month, the ATL Airport District welcomed the USA Gymnastics Level 9 Eastern Championships to the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC). We had over 1,600 total attendees for this event, including the elite gymnasts participating in the competition. With a strict schedule in place for training and competing, the attendees needed to make the most of their free time, so we put together a special guide to make exploring the District and popular Atlanta neighborhoods as easy and efficient as possible. Check out the guide here and see below for takeaways from the planner.

Q: How did the attendees like the curated guide with the QR code? Was it easy to use and for them to plan their time here?

I think our attendees loved the QR code. When we announced it at the coaches meeting people immediately came up and began using the code. I think it was very helpful as some were having a hard time finding options nearby. 

Q: What is unique about the ATL Airport District or what appeal does the District have that made it a great hosting site for the Level 9 Eastern Championships?

I think the District is great for convenience for our attendees. The ease of being able to hop on the SkyTrain from the airport and have access to the Convention Center and hotels was a huge hit. The GICC also does a great job working with us and taking care of all our needs!

Q: How did the safety protocols keep visitors and athletes safe during the competition?

Having guests from all over the eastern half of the country, we knew we had to meet a variety of expectations surrounding Covid. The ability to spread out our attendees and spectators was perfect and the feedback we received from guests was very positive.  

We’re so proud of these amazing athletes and loved hosting their family and friends here in the District. What an incredible accomplishment! Are you looking to host your next big competition or event? We can accommodate groups of all sizes, big or small, and are a one-stop shop for planners. Let us help you find the perfect venue today!