That’s a wrap on RCMA Emerge 2021! Earlier this month, we set up shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, for our first in-person tradeshow of 2021. We kept busy meeting some of the best faith-based planners and suppliers in the industry and we were extremely comfortable with the safety protocols in place to keep us and attendees safe.

Kristin Schneider, Director of Sales, explains more.

Q: How did you feel being at this show? What was the energy like? How did the safety protocols shape your experience?

KS: This was the first show we’ve done with a booth since COVID started. I felt as safe as I could, and everyone was very diligent about wearing masks and trying to social distance. The energy was amazing as everyone was beyond excited to be meeting in person. The attendees were so engaged. The Charlotte Convention Center had very high cleaning standards and the employees were super attentive and so very grateful to be working. It was a great experience.

RCMA 2021 Booth

Q: What were the takeaways you got from meeting planners on getting back to in-person meetings and how was it for you meeting with them in person? 

KS: The biggest takeaway I had was that people want to meet in person when it is safe to do so. I believe now that the vaccination is beginning to roll out, the planners’ clients will be more apt to meet in person. Everyone is really hoping that 3rd and 4th quarter meetings and RFPs will be flowing.

Q: What safety protocols did we have at our booth to help with the overall wellness of the event?

KS: We had Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer in the booth, as well as stickers to remind people to stay six feet apart. We also had a clear plastic barrier on our table to divide the table in half as well as a clear plastic barrier in front of the iPad that we use for presentations. I think all of our protocols made the planners feel very safe and let them know we have their safety as a top priority.

RCMA 2021 AAD Booth_Stickers

Q: What were the reactions of vendors and attendees? What did this show do well? 

KS: RCMA Emerge did a great job in being out in the forefront and having the show. It was a successful show because they had proper protocols in place and enforced them so that everyone felt safe to meet.

Q: What did you learn from this show that we can bring back to our clients for upcoming meetings and tradeshows in the District?

KS: We are an industry leader and attended an in-person show, so we can now speak to how it felt to meet in person and how the protocols this meeting had in place worked, which included mask mandates, health screenings, temperature checks, social distancing guidelines, and visible staff who worked tirelessly to keep the venue and interactives clean. We continue to be a trusted resource for planners. We can speak to being at an in-person meeting when we ask people to come to the District to meet and we can do so with confidence. We have the experience and knowledge to meet safely and we’re ready to get to work!

RCMA 2021 AAD Booth - Table Barrier

Final thoughts?

KS: The biggest takeaway is that it is safe to meet! And we are excited to help meeting planners plan their next event here in the ATL Airport District.