Explore the ATL Airport District from anywhere when planning your next meeting on the southside of Atlanta with a 360-degree virtual tour of the destination. This immersive tool offers meeting and event planners a bird’s eye view so you can dive deep into the District’s meeting facilities and attractions from near or far! Reference the information below when navigating your tour and start building your itinerary now.

When you launch the 360 Tour, it will first populate the Welcome Page. Once you are ready to embark on your virtual tour, click the “X” in the right-hand corner and let your journey begin.


360 Aerial Icon

AERIAL VIEW - Tap on the red helicopter icon to see an aerial view of the ATL Airport District or a specific location, such as a hotel, venue, restaurant or other attraction within the District.

360 View Icon

360 VIEW - To take a virtual tour of any venue – such as a room, ballroom or exhibit space – tap on the 360 Icon. As you move through the area, more 360 Icons may appear, which you can click on to enter another space.

360 Hotel Icon

HOTEL - Click the red hotel icon to learn more about the District's lodging. Here you will find an overview of the hotel, its amenities, and additional images of the property. Some hotels also offer a virtual tour of the property, allowing planners to inspect the rooms and amenities themselves.

360 Dining Icon

DINING - The fork icon represents the dining options in the District and contains information about each restaurant.

360 Parks Icon

PARKS - The tree icon represents the District’s trails and outdoor recreational options.

360 Activity Icon

ACTIVITY - The activity icon represents fun attractions in the District, such as the Porsche Experience Center, the Delta Flight Museum and the Uptown Comedy Corner, to name a few.

360 GICC Icon

GICC - For a colored floor plan and virtual tour of the convention center, click the GICC icon.

360 Info Icon

INFO - Click the info icon to learn more about the space you are looking at.

360 Random Exploration Icon

RANDOM EXPLORATION - If you aren’t sure what you want to see first, you can click the random exploration icon located at the bottom of the page for it to decide for you!

360 Digital Luggage Icon

DIGITAL LUGGAGE - If you are interested in a specific space, restaurant, hotel or activity, you can add that to your digital luggage cart by clicking the luggage icon. Your digital luggage cart is essentially a list of your favorite places you may want to include in your itinerary.

360 History Icon

HISTORY - The Back and Forward buttons allow you to navigate to recently viewed spaces.

360 District View Icon

DISTRICT VIEW - The District View tab at the bottom of the page allows you to dive even deeper into the district, with categories broken down to location, activities, hotels, ground views, aerial views and more.


At the end of your virtual tour, click the digital luggage icon in the top right-hand corner and email your digital luggage cart to yourself or share it with your group. With so much to explore in the ATL Airport District, this exciting new tool will help make it easier to plan a thoughtful itinerary for your next meeting, conference, event or family day. Click here to get started on your customized itinerary.