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Arts in the District

With an abundant amount of murals, galleries and museums, each of ATL Airport District’s cities has its own unique history to discover! Interested in learning more about the artistic and cultural learning opportunities available to members of the community? Check them out below! College Park…

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Biking in the District

Mountain biking in the city? Count us in! Head over to East Point’s Sykes Park Ride & Fly Trails – complete with a pump track, rock gardens, downhill and flow lines for all to enjoy. Interested in hearing more? Check it out here. As the weather warms up and spring approaches, East Point is eager to…

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Why Don’t You Get Outside?

As spring approaches, we’re looking forward to stepping out, enjoying the warm weather and supporting our local community – and we hope you’ll join us! Interested in learning more about outdoor, socially distanced activities coming to the District this spring? Check them out here. EAST POINT FARMERS…

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Powered by Goodness: Arden's Garden in East Point

In loving memory of Arden Zinn, founder of Arden’s Garden and a celebrated figure that the Atlanta community is lucky to claim as its own. She will be dearly missed. Health-conscious juices, smoothies and more? Sign us up! In 1995, Arden Zinn started selling cold-pressed juices with the help of her…

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Powered by a Classic: Chairs in East Point

Nick and Meg Sellers are the owners and operators of Chairs Upstairs, the “Southside’s favorite waterin’ hole.” Serving smoked meats, tacos, sandwiches and beyond, Nick and Meg enjoy being part of the East Point community, where they serve locals and travelers alike. Like a twisted version of…

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Powered By Cupcakes: Kupcakerie in East Point

Owned by Henry and Kascha Adeleye, Kupcakerie began in 2014 as an online bakery, specializing in cream-filled red velvet cupcakes, and opened its storefront in downtown East Point, Georgia, in 2016. Using Kascha’s baking skills and Henry’s business knowledge, Kupcakerie serves cupcakes, coffee and…

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Powered By Pizza: Oz Pizza in East Point

Owned and operated by Chris Wiley and David Howard, Oz Pizza is an East Point pizza joint known for their community-centric philosophy and classic pepperoni slices. When’s pizza night? In 1997, Chris Wiley and his friend, David Howard, opened Oz Pizza in downtown Decatur. Eventually, Oz Pizza grew…

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