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ATL SkyTrain on the GICC Campus
The ATL SkyTrain connects the GICC to the world's busiest airport, making the GICC one of the only convention centers in the country directly connected to an airport
GICC Campus - Aerial View
College Park makes it easy to "Meet In the Park" - the GICC, the FREE ATL SkyTrain and two on-campus hotels, all adjacent to the world's busiest airport.
ATL SkyTrain Station on the GICC Campus
The beautiful ATL SkyTrain station on the GICC campus - only a two-minute, FREE train ride from the Atlanta Airport.
ATL SkyTrain Station on the GICC Campus
The GICC campus is a short 2-minute ride away from the Atlanta airport, via the FREE ATL SkyTrain
Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway and the ATL SkyTrain
Convergence of convenience - the GICC, the ATL SkyTrain, and on-campus hotels, all within 100 yards of each other..
GICC Main Entrance Air Sails
The GICC campus entrance is marked by 7 massive, iconic air sails that were designed to pay homage to the proximity to the Atlanta airport