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Xima Health Zenter

  • 3238 Dogwood Dr.
  • Hapeville, GA 30354
  • 770.282.7888

Xima Health Zenter LLC is a unique Wellness Zenter or center in that it unites traditional and alternative medicine by offering educational/awareness health and wellness related workshops and classes. The Zenter is a platform for small businesses, local farmers, entrepreneurs and medical professionals/facilities to share their expertise on topics ranging from American Heart Assoc sponsored CPR certification, Merck sponsored Diabetes workshops to Meditation, Chakras, Crystals and many others. The Zenter also offers Reiki - A Japanese form of mind & body concept that de-stresses the mind and relaxes the body. It is a non-invasive wellness approach that promotes relaxation while enhancing the well-being. This is achieved by shifting the body's energy into balance with the use of the practitioner's hands moving inches above the client lying fully clothed on the Reiki table. Whether a corporate executive, traveler, hotel guest, stay at home mom, veteran, police officer, student, or retiree, Reiki is for all persons and professions open to a more natural method of managing stress and enhancing the well-being.

Xima Health Zenter